things that I am digging at the moment

Music Sufjan Stevens new album – It’s so beautiful and melancholic…perfect for the rainy day moody feelings that makes me want to listen to Beck sea change on repeat. Little Simz – I adore the streets… I love the sound of someone with an accent rapping. Little Simz is, like, 21 and brilliant. Music from 2003. … Continue reading

conversations with my kid…

Maya never ceases to amaze – a recent conversation about a movie… m: mama, those girls are beautiful, but they are dangerous. me: why? m: because they have dragons in their heart me: sounds intense m: what’s intense? me: umm – it’s like a stressful situation m: ok yeah – oh! here’s the song!

I am a runner

Ok – I am SO NOT a runner…I have always been athletic. Growing up, I was a high school athlete from a small school so that means I did all of the sports – basketball, volleyball, track, softball – for real – all of the sports. But I hated running and that’s the part of … Continue reading


I miss Rebecca. I think that often…She was my work bestie – we did the same job at WFYI until she decided to move the land of the never-setting sun…or whatever they call L.A. We spent countless hours, divided into 15 minute walks along gray hallways, talking and laughing and bouncing ideas and lamenting injustices. She … Continue reading

My letter about HJR-3

I am writing as a very concerned citizen of Indiana. I am asking that you vote NO on HJR-3 today. I have listened to the live stream of all of the testimony and I feel that you have heard many, many compelling arguments on why this bill is harmful to our great state. This bill … Continue reading

a maker of lists…

I have been thinking for awhile that I want to start a blog…not about my kid or about matters in which I pretend to be an expert…but a place where I can just write about whatever I want to write about.  And when I think about the things that I like to write the most…it’s … Continue reading