I miss Rebecca.

I think that often…She was my work bestie – we did the same job at WFYI until she decided to move the land of the never-setting sun…or whatever they call L.A.

We spent countless hours, divided into 15 minute walks along gray hallways, talking and laughing and bouncing ideas and lamenting injustices. She has a wicked sense of humor and a serious, sarcastic wit and I would often find myself trying to make her laugh harder than she would make me laugh…classic one-upmanship.

Rebecca reminded me of how much I love indy…I became more assertive because of her…I learned that I should keep a mental list of the stuff I have in my closet and the stuff I need so that I don’t end up with 25 striped shirts…And she helped me to start paying attention to becoming a healthier person…

Now we talk as often as we can…for 10 or 15 minutes when we get a chance…I will find myself walking along gray hallways with my phone to my ear…railing against the injustices of the world or sarcastically one upping…but mostly we are catching up in 15 minute increments.

So…somewhere along the way, we started taking pictures of ourselves in bathroom mirrors…which is how I ended up with a photo timeline of my pregnancy – which is probably the most significant thing that happened to me this year.

you should try it – #bathroomgrams are a thing…I am pretty sure I saw Mindy Kaling post one on her instagram.

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