I am a runner

Ok – I am SO NOT a runner…I have always been athletic. Growing up, I was a high school athlete from a small school so that means I did all of the sports – basketball, volleyball, track, softball – for real – all of the sports. But I hated running and that’s the part of my active teenage years that I carried with me to my twenties and into my early thirties.

My love/hate (but mostly hate) relationship with exercise provided me with many many years of yo-yo exercising and pants that span three sizes in my closet.

Then came the summer of 2013…Eric and I had decided that we wanted to have another bambino and I knew that taking our family of 3 to one of 4 would mean less time with friends. So I lived it up that summer – drinks on patios…dinners with old friends…beers on my back porch – boy did we have fun…and that’s how I gained 15 pounds.

So my love of running came out of a necessity to lose 15 pounds and I figured the cheapest and fastest way to do it would be to start running.

I started with a running partner, Claire (who is one of the reasons I like to run) and the Couch to 5k running app. And I did it. I became a runner. So I ran a lot…at least four days a week, Claire and I would “map my run” around Fall Creek Place…we ran several 5ks and even two 10ks (and I ran the WHOLE time). Grudgingly, I was running…and even though I was doing it almost every day, it felt like I was always on the verge of never ever running again.

And then I got pregnant and Indianapolis was hit with a polar vortex for what seemed like 100 months. I stopped running…which had me wondering – was it just a fad…an easy way to lose some pounds??

Fast forward to this past October. Post-baby and on the day I was allowed to, I put on my running shoes and I took off…and I actually, for serious, loved it. I have created a well-worn path through my new neighborhood…checking out which of my neighbors have new windows (for some reason since we became homeowners, that’s what I always look for) and listening to podcasts or catching up with my running bestie, Claire. It feels like the most satisfying physical accomplishment and I actually look forward to the days when I can fit a run into the day.

So even though I started running over a year ago, I would say that this October is when I actually became a runner.

Sidebar- two glorious things about running is that for 35-45 minutes, I don’t have any children yelling my name…oh, and the Serial podcast.


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