things that I am digging at the moment


  • Sufjan Stevens new album – It’s so beautiful and melancholic…perfect for the rainy day moody feelings that makes me want to listen to Beck sea change on repeat.
  • Little Simz – I adore the streets… I love the sound of someone with an accent rapping. Little Simz is, like, 21 and brilliant.
  • Music from 2003. Seriously – that was about the last time I was checking out everything new in music. I need to get back to checking out new music.


  • Currently re-reading Nurture Shock and looking forward to checking out Jon Ronson’s new book, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed
  •  I just read Girl on A Train, which I really liked – but I think that Gone Girl  was better
  • I have been reading The Twits with Maya every night – it’s so fun to rediscover favorite books from when I was a kid.


  • Game of Thrones is back

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